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Hello -empyre-,

Now that Zhenhua has entered the fray I should introduce him, as well  
as the artist aaajiao who are both guests on this forum.

Li Zhenhua has been working internationally as a critic and curator  
for many years, building up an impressive reputation as a hands-on  
supporter of New Media art. He divides his time between Switzerland  
and China, and was just in Shanghai for the opening of the solo show  
of renowned media artist Hu Jieming, which he curated.

aaajiao is an active promoter and artist, based in Shanghai, where he  
has set up one of the first creative co-working spaces in China,  
called "xindanwei".

-->Li Zhenhua

Li Zhenhua is a writer, curator, producer and artist living in  
Beijing /Shanghai and Zurich. He is the founders of Laboratory Art  
Beijing (<http://www.bjartlab.com/>) and the Mustard Seed garden (<http://www.msgproduction.com/ 
 >), in 2010 he has been working for the Shanghai eARTS Festival <http://www.shearts.org/ 
 > as chief planner. He has joint widely about new media art  
symposiums, talks, presentations in leading galleries and museum  
spaces around the world, such as talk in ZKM Karlsruhe(2003), Walker  
Art Centre Minneapolis <http://filmvideo.walkerart.org/index.wac>  
(curated the WAVE proejct), Guangzhou Museum (as artist of the  
Guangzhou Triennale 2005), Synthetic Times: Media Art China 2008 (work  
as producer), Nanjing Triennial 2008 (work as curator).

One of his most recent art work is showing in the Beam me up <http://www.beam-me.net/ 
 > exhibition in Basel, an online project dealing with time and  
perception of our daily life, with questioning on the ontology of  
human being.

He is an advisor for Leonardo Journal <http://www.leonardo.info/>  
(2007) and was part of the Jury of the Transmediale Award 2010 <http://www.transmediale.de/en/node/12489 

-->aaajiao (Xu Wenkai)

aaajiao (Xu Wenkai) is one of China's foremost digital artists,  
bloggers and free culture developers. Born in 1984 in Xi'an City, he  
now resides in Shanghai. In 2003 he established the sound art website:  
cornersound.com, and in 2006 he founded the Chinese take on the blog  
we-make-money-not-art: We Need Money Not Art. He is devoted to  
Processing, an open source visual programming software and Dorkbot, a  
non-profit initiative for creative minds.

More information about aaajiao: <http://www.bjartlab.com/read.php?252>

Edward Sanderson

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