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recently there's new change at Hangzhou, new media department is gone, the School have reformed them into a studio format....
for 媒介 (media or medium) there's many conflict in the meaning, and I have an article in 2006 talk about it:

 it's not been translated yet, sorry...

and it's related to:

it's can be treated as related issue but from the international to national scene....


Li Zhenhua

在 2010-11-8,上午5:38, Robin Peckham 写道:

> Just came across this quote in an interview with Zhang Peili, an
> influential early video artist who has been making large-scale
> multiple-channel installations incorporating live digital footage for
> the past few years: "I am not averse to media [used here in the sense
> of medium in general], but neither do I worship it fanatically. Media
> is only a tool; it might help you convey something, but you have to
> know what you want to convey and how you want to express it before you
> can determine what kind of media to use. When everyone is feverishly
> tending towards the same media, I choose to escape." Zhang is
> responsible for much of the new media education system at China
> Academy of Art in Hangzhou, and his thinking on the topics tends to
> directly affect the work of many students and emerging aritsts.
> 我对媒介不反感,也没到狂热崇拜的程度。媒介只是个工具,可能会帮助你表达,你要知道自己想表达什么、怎么表达,才会判断用什么样的媒介。当大家头脑发热趋同于一种媒介时,我选择逃避。
> Originally published in Nanfang Renwu Zhoukan here:
> http://nf.nfdaily.cn/rwzk/20101101/
> Full original text here:
> http://art.china.cn/voice/2010-11/03/content_3812227.htm
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