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Dear Timothy,
thanks for the link and intro....
here's more I have collect for the video art scene in China since 1996:

plus a series of projects related with space/video and performance from 1999-2005:

now I am sharing with all of you...


Li zhenhua | 李振华
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在 2010-11-8,下午5:04, Timothy Murray 写道:

>> Hi, Li Zhenhua,
> We are deeply appreciative that you have taken the time to join us for this discussion on -empyre-.  I want to make sure that our -empyre- subscribers understand the importance of your role in China as the leading curator of new media art.
> I've been very interested by your posts.  The first reminds me of the first conversation I had with Feng Mengbo (I think it was in 2000) when I asked him if he would be interested in donating his CD-Rom (I think it was 'Quake') to the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art, which I had just begun building at Cornell University.  The Archive already included a very broad representation of art on CD-Rom (mainly from the exhibition, Contact Zones: The Art of CD-Rom (http://contactzones.cit.cornell.edu/), which I curated in the late 90s.    What I found interested is that Feng had already decided at this relatively early moment for Asian new media art to capitalize on the medium by releasing his CD-Rom as a limited series (I believe the series could have been as small as 5, but maybe as large as 10).   At the time, I found it curious that an artist would spend so much time and effort to make an interactive piece that would merely sit in a collector's vault.  But that was the moment of the beginning of the rise of the contemporary Chinese art market.  I would be very interested to hear your thoughts about marketing new media art, especially in relation to your very large exhibitions, which I have valued for making such art accessible to the largest audiences possible.
> For readers who are interested in broad perspectives on Chinese new media art, I also would be happy to share with them two of my pieces, one on archiving Chinese new media art (http://www.intelligentagent.com/archive/Vol6_No2_pacific_rim_murray.htm) and another on Chinese new media projects that incorporate the discourses and vision of Chinese history in the special issue of Neural 29 on "Digital China": http://we-make-money-not-art.com/archives/2008/04/the-latest-neural-magazine-is.php
> Thanks, as well, to Melinda for organizing such an important topic of discussion for this month.
> Best,
> Tim
>> hi all,
>> this moment I had a chat with Feng Mengbo and Wang Chunchen (curator of the CAFA museum), most of our topic is focus on whether media art is a specific medium or a new phenomenon, through the dicsussion, we start to realize media art is again a new trend for the art world, and I have to say so many of media art related topics are just follow the trend, rather than a true specific topic.
>> why I am saying this, it's because I would need to understand to not confuse people with what I try to approach, media art related issues are related base on a certain understanding of what media art means and how is function internationally, why internationally? because media art could have a national trace or history but an international knowledge base and medium based thing.
>> so, if we talk about china the general culture scene is fine, but if we talk about media art in china, I would suggest people start to think about translate my research on the media art education from Hang Zhou and media art integrated contemporary art in Shanghai, to have a basic understanding, which is not the only one, but something could easily help with the idea we discuss....
>> wish you could understand chinese for the interviews:
>> <http://www.bjartlab.com/read.php?239>http://www.bjartlab.com/read.php?239 shanghai research
>> <http://www.bjartlab.com/read.php?177>http://www.bjartlab.com/read.php?177 hangzhou research
>> thanks
>> Li zhenhua | óõêUª™
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