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Sat Nov 13 14:59:02 EST 2010

Thanks Melinda!

It has been a great discussion and sharing point for us all! Thank you  
so much for your energy to bring this topic forward.
I've been catching glimpses of the list as we set up the exhibition in  
the Shanghai Library and am lamenting the fact that because I'm  
currently travelling in China it is difficult to focus in depth on the  
I bumped into Ed Sanderson and Michael Yuen at an opening at Platform  
Gallery in Beijing and had a brief reflection on the list and it is  
only a bit over 2 weeks ago since I saw Li Zhenhua in Shanghai - great  

However, to reflect on what I'm doing right now in China does connect  
to some of the perspectives brought up in previous posts in an  
approach to media art in general in China.
'Light from Light' is a site specific art project where artists have  
designed their work using library systems and the context of the  
library to house their work.
It is described as a 'contemporary media art exhibition' but in fact  
the works use a wide range of media - considering the Library systems  
both electronic and physical public space.
For me it is more interesting now to define an artistic proposition  
and let the art work and it's form follow. While I'm still interested  
in how artists use media and technology, it has always been more about  
the artistic problem - so I would strongly agree with the earlier post  
quoting Zhang Peili's approach to teaching 'new media'...

In any case, here is the website - and my apologies for my brief and  
somewhat self promotional posting.

best wishes

On 10/11/2010, at 9:39 PM, Melinda Rackham wrote:

> Joining us now is our final guest in this months discussion -   
> curator and producer Kim Machan. fresh form launching her currently  
> exhibition Light from Light which is co-located in the State Library  
> in Brisbane and the the Shanghai Library. Exploring the library as a  
> unique site for art, this exhibition continues the Media Art events  
> Kim has curated and produced in Australia and Asia for the past  
> decade.
> We warmly welcome you Kim and look fwd to your perspectives,
> best wishes
> Melinda
> --> Kim Machan
> --> Curator, Producer and Partnership builder throughout the Asia  
> Pacific region
> --> http://maap.org.au/
> --> http://lightfromlight.net/
> Kim Machan is the Director, MAAP-Multimedia Art Asia Pacific since  
> 1998 and involved in contemporary art for over twenty years. She has  
> made several Media Art research tours through Asia and developed  
> collaborative partnerships with arts organisations and government  
> through the region. She has had many curatorial roles including 2002  
> contributing curator for Media City Seoul, Co-Chief Curator ‘MAAP in  
> Beijing’, 2004 media art exhibition at The China Millennium Monument  
> Art Museum; Artistic Director, MAAP in Singapore ‘Gravity’ Singapore  
> Art Museum.  2006 ‘OUT OF THE INTERNET’ Brisbane, State Library  
> Queensland with satellite programs in Zendai Museum of Modern Art  
> Shanghai, Museum of Modern Art New York. curatorial advisor   
> ‘Synthetic Times: Media Art China 2008 at the National Art Museum of  
> China. 2010-2012 curator of 'Light from Light' contemporary media  
> exhibition in Brisbane and touring China and Singapore. www.lightfromlight.net
> She has served on several panels and advisory boards including World  
> Wide Web Consortium Program Committee and paper reviewer  
> (2000-2004), Art Monthly Queensland correspondent (2002-2007) and a  
> member of the Media Art History Conference Re:live 09 national  
> committee. She is currently serving on the board of The Institute of  
> Modern Art in Brisbane and a member Asialink Visual Arts Committee.
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