[-empyre-] signing off

Melinda Rackham melinda at subtle.net
Sat Nov 27 12:52:23 EST 2010

Thanks Robin for your summations of future research, exhibition and  
media historical approachs,

Yes our month is drawing to a close - and discussion will end on  
Sunday 28 November with the next -empyre- month of discussion  
commencing on Monday 29 November to allow for 4 weeks discussion in  
December before the list has a Xmas break.

Please send you final thoughts in in the next two days - it has been a  
fascinating month- both in the diversity of resources that have been  
posted to the list and soem discussion , as well as the rich  
conversations that have occurred on the list backchannels, as well as  
on other social media platforms. These less public conversations have   
ranged from inquisitive responses about the potentials for working and  
researching in China, to several dramatic moments when guests have  
felt insulted and frustrated.

I will be leaving -empyre- on Sunday to focus on my curatorial practice.
I wish you all well and thank Ed Sanderson my co-facilitatir,  and our  
guests in advance for their closing insights.

warm regards

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