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Edward Sanderson ed at escdotdot.com
Mon Nov 29 23:57:39 EST 2010

Hello everyone,

Apologies for the late post, and for encroaching on the new forum.  
Please bear with me…

This is just to applaud Melinda's fulsome review of November's forum.  
I'd also like to extend my own thanks to all who took part and  
generously shared their knowledge with the rest of us. I hope everyone  
felt they got something out of it, and also that we made some new  
contacts that will serve us well in the future.

Melinda's mentioned the shenanigans we experienced around DreamWorlds,  
and that made me realize how much I simply take for granted here –  
that there are many conflicting influences on any activity, and that  
you have to hold your expectations in suspension as at any moment one  
of those influences may have a very direct impact on them. As I say,  
this is simply part of life and something that you learn to  
internalize, I guess. Self-censorship or pragmatism? That's up to the  
individuals' conscience, and as with Chunky Move, we all have our  

These issues came up quite a lot in our discussions, and maybe were  
felt not worth dwelling upon precisely because of their being a "fact  
of life". But I think the many questions that were raised around this  
subject, focused in part on Ai Weiwei, prove it should be actively  
recognized as a major factor in the development of any activity, not  
least for media art, and not least in China.

Anyway, as the list is now closed I hope the discussions can live on  
in other places. Thanks again!

Best wishes,

Edward Sanderson
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