[-empyre-] beyond the archive

Yann Le Guennec y at x-arn.org
Thu Oct 7 07:32:26 EST 2010

Thanks everyone for this great discussion. it's allowing me to go deeper 
in the understanding of my own practice.

I'm now working on some kind of digital painting where i'm scanning some 
acrylic on printed picture, resulting from photography of a TV screen 
showing a DVD encoded from a VHS tape, where i can see some old objects 
in an installation i made some 15 years ago.


This is clearly a process generating some artefacts which are not 
conserved or made for preservation, but are always accessible under a 
shape or another to allow me and others to work with and do something else.

Essentially, self-reference of the recombinant archive is a way to 
consider the subject/object of/for art, i.e. art (in) itself.

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