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My response was to this comment that Lorna made:

The problem with Rancière's aesthetics as politics is that he seems to
be utterly unaware of the technology that, Stiegler says, defines the
human and the present. In a recent conversation with Rancière I asked
him where were new media and techné, and the 21st century, in his
thinking, and he said to me that he is not Bernard Stiegler and there
was a difference of opinion. When I asked Stiegler what his philosophy
would say to Rancière's he said that Rancière's 'partage du sensible'
had no sense of sharing the distribution of virtual reality or
cyberspace, et cetera. Now this is politics... We did not invite
Rancière to this year's colloquium, this year the theoretical focus is
on Stiegler. But we want to impress the sensuous over the theoretical,
the making and doing rather than get involved in French politics...

To privilege the sensuous over the theoretical and the making over the doing
would be impossible for me.
Instead I suggested a negotiation.

On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 8:27 AM, gh hovagimyan <ghh at thing.net> wrote:

> All art is a negotiation of some sort.  Unless the artist is a hermit or an
> art Naif or Art Brut, art is made with an eye to context.  It's also about
> the patron.  For some artists the patron is the university. They make art
> that reflects the academic environment. For some artists the patron is the
> non-profit alternative spaces. Of course there is also the
> gallery/museum/market system which is a big patron.  All of these patronage
> systems are negotiated with during the process of art creation.  I had hoped
> that the internet would present a new system that was not of these existing
> systems. That was the case with the early internet but now it's been
> subsumed. Personally I'm always looking for a way around these systems. I
> know one must negotiate but each system has it's restraints which inhibit
> the free flowing creative process.  One of the principals of creativity is
> to engage these systems and enlarge their scope to include your own point of
> view and discourse.  That appears to be the negotiation of which you speak.
> On Oct 11, 2010, at 1:09 PM, Renate Ferro wrote:
>  Would you agree that there is always a negotiation in the process of art
>> making?
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