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Le 12/10/2010 18:06, Penny Florence a écrit :
> The two passages from Mallarmé are layered over and through each other via
> English. This follows in part the process of "transliteral morphs", whereby
> letters are moved from source to target text in a sound-related trajectory.
> This reveals "abstracted underlying structures supporting and articulating
> the 'higher-level' relationships between the texts" (in Cayley's words). The
> sound is adapted from Debussy's "Chansons de Bilitis - Le Tombeau des
> Naïades" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuxvwYNInZk , itself both resonating
> with Louÿs' fake translation of "Bilitis", and thus a doubled identity of
> sex and authorship, and with Mallarmé. There is a further, visual dimension,
> that of "interliteral graphic morphs". These terms will be clarified in the
> course of showing and commenting on the work.
> (end of abstract)

This sounds like a perfect example of a "recombinant archive" (like i 
tried to describe it during previous thematic discussion).

In a sense, it's always about making/finding links, building/removing 
relations, between existing things, and looking how the system emerging 
from these relations is evolving. Things can be concepts, ideas, shapes, 
objects, materials. From this point of view, any devide, between 
thinking/practices/materials/contexts, becomes an oportunity for a new 
relation/link/interaction, and conversely, and there is no end to this 
process, at all scales, in all dimensions.

Yann Le Guennec

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