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Yann Le Guennec y at x-arn.org
Wed Oct 13 20:22:23 EST 2010

Le 12/10/2010 14:27, gh hovagimyan a écrit :
> All art is a negotiation of some sort.  Unless the artist is a hermit or
> an art Naif or Art Brut, art is made with an eye to context. It's also
> about the patron. For some artists the patron is the university. They
> make art that reflects the academic environment. For some artists the
> patron is the non-profit alternative spaces. Of course there is also the
> gallery/museum/market system which is a big patron. All of these
> patronage systems are negotiated with during the process of art
> creation. I had hoped that the internet would present a new system that
> was not of these existing systems. That was the case with the early
> internet but now it's been subsumed. Personally I'm always looking for a
> way around these systems. I know one must negotiate but each system has
> it's restraints which inhibit the free flowing creative process. One of
> the principals of creativity is to engage these systems and enlarge
> their scope to include your own point of view and discourse. That
> appears to be the negotiation of which you speak.

I totally agree with you about this point. And precisely, making art 
outside of these systems, at one time or another, is the only way to 
allow their evolution, their transformation. There is a need for every 
system to transform itself by exchanging some sorts of things through 
their frontier. Systems are not autonomous, like wrote JB Labrune in 
another mail in this thread, we know they always exist in an 
environment. What can be considered at this point is the permeability of 
the systems frontiers, how frontiers are maintained from within and from 
outside a given system. "Land art" remains for me a good example of such 
an art practice, just like "Net art". These practices also have created 
their own systems, and now we can play in intervals.

Yann Le Guennec

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