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Our names are Frank O’Cain, Rebekah Samkuel, Cristina
Bonilla, and Xéna Lee, and as painters, we view Making Sense as a way of creating change in
critical discourse by balancing the intellectual and sensual aspects with the
visual functioning that is at the core of all art of lasting value.  For many painters today, concept or feeling
supersedes visual functioning.  This
approach also characterizes much contemporary discourse about art.  We believe that we have evolved into a time
when all three elements are necessary.


As participants in the colloquium, we are holding an
exhibition and showing a rough cut of the documentary film, Beyond the Idea.  These activities are part of the work of
Prometheus, an organization that we describe as follows:


We are an international group of artists who have gathered
to speak truth to power.

We are engaged in the struggle to:

1)   Address a fundamental human need for art.

2)   Revive the notion of recognizable quality and technical
mastery that once formed the basis of great cultures.

3)   Cultivate what is authentic and profound in both the practice
and discourse of art.

4)   Create a dialogue between art theoreticians and artists
that is based on the real issues of painting, founded on visual integrity.

5)   Build a community of like-minded artists and supporters
that will become powerful enough to evolve the current art world to a higher


Please feel free to respond with your thoughts.

Frank O’CainRebekah SamkuelCristina
BonillaXéna Lee

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