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2010/10/22 Patricia R. Zimmermann <patty at ithaca.edu>:
> Renate:
> Thank you for this report.
> I have been thinking of all the Making Sense participants and you and Tim Murray in Paris and Empyre these last few days.  The strikes have been on the front pages of the NYT, and on many listservs and aggregated websites.  They have hit a nerve back here in the States, people are discussing the strikes, and the transportation stoppages.
> What are you seeing and experiencing on the ground there?
> Are there art actions in the streets?
> Are the presenters at the colloquium making sense of protests about the proposed changes in the retirement age as an event that is attempting to make sense of the GEC (global economic collapse)?
> Not to tunnel too much into a mise en abyme, but is making sense making sense of making sense?
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>>   In our jet-lagged state Tim and I spent a day and a
>>   half in the Making Sense Colloquium held at the
>>   Georges Pompidou Center and the **Institut Telecom.
>>   Paris is in the middle of a social crisis prompted
>>   by a major labor strike against the government due
>>   to its potential plan to change the age of
>>   retirement from 60 years to 62 years of age. French
>>   philosopher Bernard Steigler the Director of the
>>   Institute of Recherche and Innnovaion at the
>>   Pompidou Center addressed the Colloquium the first
>>   morning citing the twentieth century as the century
>>   of the Proletariat. **Steigler also cited the work
>>   of Duchamp and Beuys as figures to consider **in the
>>   discussion about Making Sense, Faire Sense. His talk
>>   entitled Art, Territory, Epoque Individuation of
>>   Post consumerism and Post Modernism made no mention
>>   of the strikes outside in the streets of Paris.
>>   **For Steigler criticality is a faculty of the
>>   sensing process and at the core of the creative
>>   process, but was blatantly absent from **also was
>>   absent in many of many of the **disparate
>>   presentations. **
>>   We have had very limited access to the internet but
>>   will post more later today and also introduce to you
>>   three more presenters who will hopefully give the
>>   empyre subscribers a clearer idea of what the
>>   Colloquium is attempting to do.**
>>   Renate
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