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As I mentioned last night, the impetus for this 
month's discussion arose from the Buenos Aires 
conference on "Conservar, Documentar, Archivar. 
Encuentros de conservación de arte electrónica y 
digital," organized by the archival 
collaboratory, Taxonomedia, led by Consuelo Rozo 
and Vanina Hofman, September 2010 on -empyre- 
soft-skinned space.  Taxonomedia has been active 
for a number of years, having organized a 
previous conference on new media archiving, 
published a fascinating collection of essays 
deriving from it (in Spanish), and maintaining a 
very helpful website: taxonomedia.net/.
Taxonomedia is a collaboratory between Conseulo 
Rozo (Colombia/Spain) and Vanina Hofman 
(Argentina/Spain) who move between their home 
countries of Argentina and Colombia and their 
current residence of Barcelona, Spain.

We are very pleased to be joined this week by 
Vanina Hofman whose intellectual leaderships and 
gracious hosting were appreciated by all 
participants in last week's Buenos Aires' 
conference.   She will be in dialgoue with 
another fascinating participant in the 
conference, Claudia Kozac from Argentina who 
provided a very strong conceptual framework to 
the discussions.

Welcome to you both, Vanina and Claudia:

Vanina Hofman for Taxonomedia (Argentina and 
Spain)  is a PhD Candidate on the Information and 
Knowledge Society programme at the Internet 
Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) - Universitat 
Oberta de Catalunya. She has a Master degree on 
Curatorial and Cultural Practices in Art and New 
Media by MECAD/Media Centre of Art and Design - 
Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona.   Vanina 
taught and worked at MECAD for three years where 
she organized two exhibitions, coordinated the 
artist's residencies programme, and participated 
in the production and editing of the book "Arte 
electrónico / Entornos cotidianos" among other 
activities. Additionally, Vanina has developed 
independent research projects like the "Arte, 
mujer y tecnología" in 2009 
while in 2007, she co-founded Taxonomedia, an 
independent association focusing on the 
importance of media arts conservation, 
documentation and archiving 

Claudia Kozak (Argentina) is a Researcher of the 
National Council for Scientific and Technologic 
Research (CONICET); Professor at the Department 
of Literature and the Department of Communication 
Studies, University of Buenos Aires; Professor at 
the Department of Communication Studies, National 
University of Entre Rios (Parana City, 
Argentina). Co-Director Ph. D. Program (Social 
Sciences), National University of Entre Rios. She 
sits on the Board of Directors, Erasmus Mundus 
Joint Doctorate "Cultural Studies in Literary 
Interzones", and on the Editorial Board of the 
journal Artefacto. Pensamientos sobre la técnica. 
Currently, she conducts the collective research 
project Poéticas/políticas tecnológicas en la 
Argentina (Gino Germani Institute, UBA) and the 
online Exploratory Ludión 
Among other texts concerning the critic of 
contemporary culture, she has published: 
Deslindes. Ensayos sobre la literatura y sus 
límites en el siglo XX [Out of Boundaries. Essays 
on Literature and its Limits in 20th Century] 
Beatriz Viterbo Editora, 2006; Contra la pared. 
Sobre graffitis, pintadas y otras intervenciones 
urbanas [Against the Wall. On graffiti, political 
painting and other urban interventions] Libros 
del Rojas, 2004; Las paredes limpias no dicen 
nada [Clean Walls Don't Say Anything. Anthology 
and essay] Libros del Quirquincho, 1991; Rock en 
letras [Rock in Lyrics. Anthology and essay] 
Libros del Quirquincho, 1990.

I am looking forward to a very helpful and provocative discussion.



Renate Ferro and Tim Murray
Managing Moderators, -empyre- a soft-skinned space
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