[-empyre-] Thanks to Vanina and Claudia; welcome Jon and Ricardo

Renate Ferro rtf9 at cornell.edu
Wed Sep 22 03:22:53 EST 2010

Thanks so much Claudia and Vanina for introducing us to the aims and 
challenges faced by the archival and curatorial efforts of 
Taxonomedia and Ludion in Argentina.  We're very pleased to have your 
voices informing the thinking of -empyre-.

We're also delighted to introduce this week's featured guests.  Jon 
Ippolito is one of the most experienced voices in archiving and 
preserving new media, having been involved from the outset in the 
Variable Media Network, having worked closely with DOCAM out of the 
Fondation Langlois in Montreal, and having launched his Still Water 
media lab at the University of Maine.  Ricardo Dal Farra made a 
fascinating presentation on electroacoustics and archiving to the 
recent Taxonomedia conference in Buenos Aires.  A leader in Latin 
American archiving of new and electronic music, Ricardo also has 
worked closely with Langlois and DOCAM on a related archiving project 
in Canada.  So it will be very interesting to hear about related 
projects that cross the broad trajectory of the Americas.

Welcome to -empyre- Jon and Ricardo.

>Ricardo Dal Farra (Argentina/Canada)  is Founding Director of the 
>Electronic Arts Experimenting and Research Centre (CEIArtE) at 
>National University of Tres de Febrero, Argentina; Associate 
>Professor and Chair of the Music Department at Concordia University, 
>Canada; Associated Researcher at the Music, Technology and
>Innovation Research Centre, De Montfort University, United Kingdom.  As
>Researcher-in-Residence at the Fondation Daniel Langlois in 
>Montreal, he created the Archive of Latin American Electroacoustic 
>Music and Composition and participates in
DOCAM--Documentation and Conservation of the Media Arts Heritage (Canada).

>Jon Ippolito (US)  has made a career out of pursuing vocations for 
>which he is drastically  underqualified 
>Following short-lived stints as a dancer and astrophysicist, he has 
>co-created online artworks seen at the Walker Art Center and ZKM, 
>curated exhibitions of video art and virtual reality at the 
>Guggenheim, and published a regular column in ArtByte magazine. He 
>suspects that his early adoption of new media has something to do 
>his recent success in pulling the wool over people's eyes.  He 
>teaches New Media at the
University of Maine.
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