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Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Tue Sep 28 01:51:30 EST 2010

thanks for these initial responses to my small post (and thanks Claudia! for recounting some of your thoughts on CheLA),
which was actually a question and it included a couple of examples of media arts and performance practices and "building" (practices that in most cases also are documentaries, or self documentations, and that produce media and disseminated materials and artworks but also experiences and events/collaborative organizations and networks), which I felt responded to some of things there were said by our colleagues who posted in the first /second week.

[It seems to me that issues of "Ephemerality and/or Sustainability" were also much at the core of the July discussions on this list ("Creativity as a social ontology"), when we heard from organizations such as Furtherfield, ChIT and Chateau, and others in the UK,  and alternative social/organizational practices.]

I suspected that there  a r e  issues of finding (notwithstanding Lynn's optimism, and she may be right of course, but the "traffic in  culture", as two anthropologists, Marcus and Myers, i think, called it, is not addressed thereby nor the interesting imbalances one might locate amongst the workshops and the academic/non-affiliated axes), 
as i was trying to raise questions of location or geography, and the nature of links, as they regard media/art production and conservation, and all the activities that Ricardo remembers, the media labs and workshops, etc. 

"Trespassing  geographies  is very much what this is about, on every level," Lynn argues, and I wonder whether this is as easily done as it is claimed. 


Johannes Birringer

 claudia wrote

Subject: Re: [-empyre-] Conservar, Documentar,  Archivar.
Hello everyone,

I respond taking as a point of departure some of the very interesting
remarks pointed out by Johannes.

I find very stimulating his concerning with the politics of the art &
technology scenery. One of the cases he comments -the setting up of CheLA
(Centro Hipermediático Experimental Latinoamericano)- presents interesting

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