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Dear all

Thank you very much to Tim Murray and Renate Ferro for the invitation to 
participate in Empyre soft skinned board of discussion. I also want to 
congratulate Vanina Hoffman and Renato Dal Farra, people that I've met 
in Taxonomedia Seminar in Buenos Aires, and the respective works on 
Taxonomedia Website and the Langlois Foundation I've appreciated for a 
long time.

It's interesting for me to hear here all the experiences on different 
levels of the digital media arts archive spaces. It contributes a lot to 
our developments of FILE Archive ambiance (http://www.file.org.br). By 
the way, I've researched the FILE Archive for a few years and nowadays 
I'm working on it.

As far as the artworks I'm studying in FILE Archive are concerned, the 
/ephemeral/ is turning into a condensed and heavy cloud of bits. 
Personally, /ephemerality/ it is positive, it's a potentiality that we 
need to respect and it's not something that we need to worry about. With 
all the difficulties that a Latin American archives go through in their 
structure, equipments and financial things, in FILE Festival history (11 
years) the conservation ways conducted to an organic and non linear way 
of work, totally referenced by the /ephemerality/. This heavy cloud of 
bits starts to auto organized itself, oriented by FILE local exhibitions 
and by the concepts in how to show electronic and digital art, task that 
we must face every year of FILE Festival.

/Sustainability/, in this version of festival/archive ambiance, is 
totally connected to C/omplexity/. This generative perspective of 
archives is suggesting to the artworks, artists and researches to go 
deeply in their archive intentions (or events, in a technological term), 
beyond the common tools of index, search and access. This made way to 
organize this amount of information; it's facing the instabilities, 
errors and /ephemeralilties/ as inherent part of the complex 
electronic/digital art archive ambiances. Therefore, from a 
/sustainability/ perspective, it's working to allow the sampler, the 
replicas and the lectures of the potentialities, a way to conserve the 
artwork and their parts itself.

This is a philosophical point of view, which we are trying to put in 
practice, working hard on interface design and in the database structure.

It's a pleasure enjoy Empyre and meet you all!

All the Best,

Gabriela Previdello
FILE Archive Coordination
filearquivo00 at gmail.com
skypename: gabrielaprevidello
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