[-empyre-] Game Art as an art subculture?

Gabriel Menotti gabriel.menotti at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 02:53:11 EST 2011

Dear all,

In the final moments of the year, the debate was rekindled in such a
way that foregrounded the heterogeneity of perspectives over the game/
art distinction. This heterogeneity was expected, given the different
backgrounds of the participants, and it should be welcome, in as much
as it shifts the focus of the whole debate - or rather, return it to
the matter of subcultural engagements.

By now, we should not be worried whether the game/art distinction
holds true, but on what basis we are dealing with this issue or
dismissing it altogether. The criteria of gamers, artists and
academics to judge the separations between playing and other cultural
dynamics (art included) seem to be inevitably distinct. Is there a
problem with that?  Does anyone have to hold control over the
definitions? Who gets to ask questions and give examples?

The interdisciplinary confrontation should make us aware that our own
theoretical frameworks are, themselves, mere operational platforms and
not transcendental underpinnings, applicable to every field of
society. In that sense, I'd echo Julian's interest in the mere
/possibilities/ of things - and consequently, not in coming up with
new paradigms, but in continuously provoking anomalies.

So as to give some directions to this, I could end with one practical
question: how is it possible to break disciplinary boundaries while
maintaining critical effectivity? Would the performance (or interplay)
of disciplinarity be a good strategy for that?

Again, thanks very much for everyone's participation

and a happy 2011! =)


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