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Julian Oliver julian at julianoliver.com
Tue Jan 11 12:51:08 EST 2011

" Can we safely use the Internet for communication as individuals if our every
action, what we write to each other, watch, read, can be known by government as
it occurs?  Will there not be a massive chilling of speech?"

And then what about the network itself, and our dependence on it? What if it did
not disperse a unanimous reality with which to contest or comply? 

Here is a project that explores this complexity.

Newstweek allows for network users to manipulate the network enabled world-view
of others. It is a small, innocuous device to manipulate news read by other
people on wireless hotspots (cafes, schools, airports). 


Here is an incredibly geeky and thorough video of the device in action:


Shorter video here:



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