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this didn't get through - was pertinent Jon & Alison's and Davin's 
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Dear <<empyreans>>,

Do we let the Panopticon and Stockholm Syndrome extend beyond the 
confines of culture or to culture in its widest possible sense?

Is it only not complicity when and where they are metaphors?

Who is the guard?

Perhaps the point is that he is no longer a guard. He is a night porter 
at a hotel. At least, he is anonymous.

It's important for him to be anonymous. (Like Tiqqun. I must correct my 
citation. It's Raw Materials for a Theory of the "YoungGirl." Not 
Towards a Theory of the Young Girl and found here 

Where and when does he resume his guarding activities?

In the erotic reminiscences of Charlotte Rampling.

We shut ourselves in we are shut in a cinema for the duration of the film.

Is it, then, the Panopticon?

Sometimes a cinema is just a cinema.


Simon Taylor


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