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it's also very interesting to observe how the old media are becoming 
more and more permeable to blogs and D.I.Y. information. This phenomenon 
is not due to a fascination in more democratic information sources (the 
traditional media holders hate new media and people involved with it), 
on the contrary -- the pressure is rising due to the growth of the 
'eyes' (digital cameras and all the new devices) that are watching the 
same events that mainstream media are reporting to us.

- Vito Campanelli, interviewed by Geert Lovink here 

the reframing of the commonplace that new media (im)prove old media in 
terms of a permeation: tapping the growth of eyes in the virtuality to 
actualise a force in and on the mainstream. Does this connote a force of 
seeing which is agonistic, a will to see, or grow eyes, to contrast to 
the representation of the Netopticon?
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