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I love that.

At Glastonbury a couple of years ago I saw an intelligent-looking
youth speaking on his phone thus: "Where are you? I'm just coming into
a big field full of flags." Right next to him was a huge signpost,
with arrows to all parts of the site.

I also spoke to an 80-year-old grandmother about the network native
youth. I put it to her that these people would never be lost or indeed
alone; how would that change childhood? She replied that the mobile
phone was an umbilical cord you couldn't cut, and was lumbering us
with a generation of utterly useless nitwits.

Please stop filming yourselves; the telly was bad enough. The
netopticon/spider is only threatening our intelligence. Just stop
watching and stop posting content.

I know because I spent 2 years online 24 hours a day working on
construction projects across the world. Europe is in your case at 6
am, the UK by 8, New York by 1pm, Vegas by 4pm, Australia at 10pm and
China about midnight. God knows what day they're on and when the
consignments are getting there. There are thousands, possibly tens of
thousands of people ageing at 10 times normal speed because they're in
the noosphere, the flow of information greasing perceived time.

I need to lie down now. Oh, I am lying down...


On 22 January 2011 12:06, ajaco c/o bid <ajaco at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> Hi Jon & Alison
> Sorry to be a bit incomprehensible, but I can add the following quotes to
> clarify a bit: [*]
> "Modern life appears as a drowning man filming itself in its dead
> struggle, the sight of  a drowning man filming his own drowning in a
> world which as a whole is drowning is extremely absurd, there are  no
> spectators to watch left. It is as if the act of filming replaces life
> itself . The residual of life is more life than life itself .  This
> scenery is really a last station, the complete artistically  epigraphical
> swan song of mankind, filmed on a cell-phone by a  drowning man."
> &
> "The act of seeing (active) gradually changing in the act of looking
> (passive) is exactly what modern global capitalism is doing with  human
> mankind. By replacing the means to create a life (rurality,  agriculture,
> self protecting, autocratic societies) with the means to earn a life(
> industries, labor, rent, mortgage, salary, funeral insurance) the accent
> slowly drifts from the active sense to the  passive sense. Exemplified by
> the way Internet developed  from a  research instrument to an
> entertainment device. In this process which lasted a surprisingly short
> term of about ten years, the presence of  the web turned from a small
> interesting peer to peer group to a huge  beast of millenarian
> proportions. The monster as the natural companion  of a gigantic
> destroyer. The spider’s web is an-eying the world , the  eye lost its
> vision and is multiplied inwardly on a enormous scale ,  blinded by its
> own image like the drowning men filming its own  drowning in a drowning
> world."
> [*] from:
> Creative insurgency opposes established cultural domination - A. Andreas 2007
> http://nictoglobe.com/new/query2.html?d=articles&f=ci
>> Hi Simon and Andreas
>> simon said:
>>> Sometimes a cinema is just a cinema.
>> Yes you're right sometimes a cinema is indeed just a cinema, although
>> these days most are fitted with night vision cameras.
>> andreas said:
>>> No!, it is just another subversion of the mighty new media mob,
>>> disguised as political correct, contemporary popular cultural analysis,
>>> not properly making the distinction between 'art' and media.
>>> Forget those empty words of McLuhan!
>>> "The Medium is Not  the Message!"
>> Could you say a bit more about what you mean here?
>> thanks and best wishes,
>> Jon & Alison
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