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You are right. I love the noosphere. It is the soil all these rhizomes grow
in. I don't think a revolution against it is possible. We just don't know
how to live with it yet, or love it properly.

Perhaps I just see no love or morality in these current underminings or
subversions, just vacant irony. Whatever you post, you do it because you
want to be a hit, to be seen as clever, to be seen. I think this is art born
of lust for technology rather than of love for the world.

I also worry that history and time is speeding out of control but then I am
turning forty and drink too much coffee.


On 23 Jan 2011 10:52, "Antonas Office" <antonasoffice at gmail.com> wrote:

We cannot stop what is done through a moral command. We can only think what
is going on and try to invest it with new meaning. A revolution against the
noosphere would need some other place of promised jouissance not a

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> I love that.
> At Gla...
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