[-empyre-] Chatroulette experiment

Heidi May mayh at ecuad.ca
Thu Jan 27 10:53:10 EST 2011


I find it interesting that without knowing the topic of my own  
discussions raised, that you have incorporated self-reflexivity into  
your posting -- brilliant!

~ Heidi

On 24-Jan-11, at 5:00 PM, empyre-request at gamera.cofa.unsw.edu.au wrote:

> My Chatroulette experiment has been rather telling.  At first, I  
> found myself deeply uncomfortable by the stream of faces watching me  
> type this post - mostly young men and women sitting, looking bored,  
> apprehensive yet curious.  The oddest ones are those who don't go to  
> the "next" view immediately - some watch me, as I turn my head to  
> look at them on my laptop (I am typing on an external monitor) the  
> generally quickly switch away.  Eventually, as I've spent several  
> hours here now typing, I've come to ignore the presence of this  
> invasive video exchange - I've come to a point of accommodation of  
> sorts - maybe I am just ignoring it really but all the same it is  
> interesting how much we can allow ourselves to do in the context of  
> the netopticon.   I am sure there is a performance in the making  
> here, perhaps a reading of Foucalt into Chatrouletter?

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