[-empyre-] networked self and the netopticon

simon swht at clear.net.nz
Thu Jan 27 08:29:26 EST 2011

Dear <<empyreans>>,

some of you will have possibly received this link 
<http://www.esbaluard.org/en/exposicions/69/extimitat> in the 2.0 
natural course of events. It extends the discussion in at least two of 
its aspects, by making such a statement as  "interactive installations, 
mainly, that involve spectators in what is active participation with the 
work, which never ceases to be a piece with its own identity" and by 
forming a canon, a rollcall of both institutionally bankable worthies 
and those promising emergent artists who would it would be a safe bet to 
extend our portfolios to include (futures), naming (and outing) our 

Simon Taylor


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