[-empyre-] shifting identities within the netopticon

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Thu Jan 27 23:47:56 EST 2011

Hi Heidi & all,

Again, apologies for not getting back earlier...

 >I am particularly drawn to works of art and writing that
 >interrupt and manipulate these structures in order to create
 >the "ruptures" that Marc called for last week in relation
 >to the net: "We can ride it but not respect it, challenging
 >its behaviour and the culture which blindly supports it -
 >all the way. We can create ruptures in netopticon!"

Linking back to "ruptures" within the netopticon. The American filmmaker 
Deena DeNaro, created an interesting ’short’ video piece in the style of 
‘Ad-Busters’ Magazine and ‘the Yes Men’, called ‘Reversing the Wave’. As 
a critique of Nokia’s decision to offer Iran the technological ability 
to monitor its own citizens during the protests. DeNaro’s 
‘Subvertisement’ film proposes a “Brand Identity Correction” by bringing 
“Nokia’s brand identity closer in alignment to its actions…”. DeNaro’s 
piece questions Nokia’s unethical stance placing “profits above privacy 
and basic human rights.” It was selected for the MoFilm competition for 
the Cannes Lions TV Advertising Festival 2010, where the brief was to 
produce an innovative 60 second advertisement for Nokia. In the end, it 
was withdrawn from the competition. 

As we try to guide ourselves with others through this quagmire of 
suffocating protocols, holding in place the ever consuming netopticon. 
We need to be more conscious, awake so to see the ruptures, which can 
help us understand beyond the overpowering false, interfaces blocking 
possible ventures in becoming more than 'officialized' versions, bad 
copies of our potential selves. If we conform to or accept the stories 
given to us from those who lack honour or lack the imagination, to 
expand beyond the protocols which had defined their-selves; we then lose 
the trust in ourselves to judge what is of value. Receptivity is the key 
here, being able to observe the signs - knowing how to know what is 
worth knowing.

Wishing you well.


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