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Indra's web is also a Hindi / Budhist metaphoor of the 'world' as  

It is actively fooling perception of its existence and tightly binds  
the experiental state of 'being' to the mind.

In trying to escape the migthy Indra, companion of Rama, the first  
ruler, one had to face Yamo in the Eye

For me the netopticon is a representation of Yamo's grip on the world  
and in facing his eyes, you are facing death

So is the netopticon the logical conclusion of society or will there  
be a saviour?

Is that saviour actively constructed with our collective mindsets,  
internet, wikileaks, civic disobedience or will it come as a false  
prophet disguised as democracy, transparency and complex power politics?

Andreas Maria Jacobs

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On 28 Jan 2011, at 13:53, "Lichty, Patrick" <plichty at colum.edu> wrote:

> One point that comes to mind with the idea of the Netopticon is that  
> we could see it like a huge apparatus resembling Indra's Net in  
> terms of the online set of architectonics. But on the other hand,  
> what is just as important is the binding points of the net to the  
> frame in which it resides, or the roots of the rhizome, and this is  
> where I draw the Virilio quote from.  The anchor point of this  
> wholel thing is the ubiquitous camera in the physical world and its  
> vectors drawing the attaching threads.  The police cam, the  
> surveillance cam, the personal iPhone, the ubiquitous personal,  
> institutional camera are the roots of the Netopticon.  It's almost  
> like this great shudeering plant-apparatus is rooted by the gazes of  
> the cameras. which then shoot their images into the Netopticon on  
> their own vectors, weaving the rhizome of UbiSurv.
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