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What I find interesting about Patrick's post is that he is focusing on cameras, which record actions but not discourse, leaving actions open to interpretation.  Still images become the frozen moment (Susan Sontag) and bits of documentation float with no context.  One might argue that context is provided by emails and Facebook postings, meaning that we now have to consider these communications as captions and footnotes to the recordings of our actions (Facebook of course encourages us to do this - but in a "friendly manner that usually lacks substance.

Do we all have to start daily blogs as the only "authorized" biography of our lives?


Cynthia Beth Rubin

On Jan 28, 2011, at 7:53 AM, Lichty, Patrick wrote:

> One point that comes to mind with the idea of the Netopticon is that we could see it like a huge apparatus resembling Indra's Net in terms of the online set of architectonics. But on the other hand, what is just as important is the binding points of the net to the frame in which it resides, or the roots of the rhizome, and this is where I draw the Virilio quote from.  The anchor point of this wholel thing is the ubiquitous camera in the physical world and its vectors drawing the attaching threads.  The police cam, the surveillance cam, the personal iPhone, the ubiquitous personal, institutional camera are the roots of the Netopticon.  It's almost like this great shudeering plant-apparatus is rooted by the gazes of the cameras. which then shoot their images into the Netopticon on their own vectors, weaving the rhizome of UbiSurv.
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