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Having read too much Derrida I find language a more resonant medium for the
netopticon than the image. The net/web was also language first and image
second (bandwidth determined). Language is easier to lie with - we can
betray ourselves better with it. The all seeing eye of the word...



On 28/01/2011 14:02, "Cynthia Beth Rubin" <cbr at cbrubin.net> wrote:

> What I find interesting about Patrick's post is that he is focusing on
> cameras, which record actions but not discourse, leaving actions open to
> interpretation.  Still images become the frozen moment (Susan Sontag) and bits
> of documentation float with no context.  One might argue that context is
> provided by emails and Facebook postings, meaning that we now have to consider
> these communications as captions and footnotes to the recordings of our
> actions (Facebook of course encourages us to do this - but in a "friendly
> manner that usually lacks substance.
> Do we all have to start daily blogs as the only "authorized" biography of our
> lives?
> Cynthia
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> On Jan 28, 2011, at 7:53 AM, Lichty, Patrick wrote:
>> One point that comes to mind with the idea of the Netopticon is that we could
>> see it like a huge apparatus resembling Indra's Net in terms of the online
>> set of architectonics. But on the other hand, what is just as important is
>> the binding points of the net to the frame in which it resides, or the roots
>> of the rhizome, and this is where I draw the Virilio quote from.  The anchor
>> point of this wholel thing is the ubiquitous camera in the physical world and
>> its vectors drawing the attaching threads.  The police cam, the surveillance
>> cam, the personal iPhone, the ubiquitous personal, institutional camera are
>> the roots of the Netopticon.  It's almost like this great shudeering
>> plant-apparatus is rooted by the gazes of the cameras. which then shoot their
>> images into the Netopticon on their own vectors, weaving the rhizome of
>> UbiSurv.
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