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On Sat, January 29, 2011 1:14 am, Heidi May wrote:
> I wanted to bring up one more topic for discussion as we wind down
> this last week. Joseph had mentioned that he made several pages of
> notes before preparing his ideas and questions for this week, and,
> well, I too found the previous week's discussions to be full of ideas
> to expand on. The one area I really want to revisit, if others are
> also interested, is the vibrant discussion that began from Cynthia's
> response to Simon B's question of materialist deconstruction of "post-
> convergent" media. I'm fascinated with the recent ideas Patrick has
> raised and do intend to respond to those as well, however, the artist-
> educator in me wants to inquire into the artistic methods we are
> choosing to work with when expressing these extremely important ideas
> related to network culture and when attempting to engage with a
> networked public.

A strategy friends and I have taken recently is to actively interrogate
the implicit trust people place in the metal and minds and vested
interests that comprise the internet by learning to manipulate the reality
it supposedly provides. This produces productively contrary or
incompatible realities, often within the same subject.

Our most recent application of this strategy was to develop a device which
allows people to manipulate the news other people consume on wireless
hotspots. Our targets are CNN, The Guardian, BBC, The Independent,
Newstweek and Fox News.

Innocuous and small, it acts as a console allowing a remote user to alter
the browser-delivered realities adopted every day by users of smartphones
and laptops, whether they be in airports, schools, libraries or cafes.

You can read an review of the project here:


An interview with us on the project here:


Here is the project website:


Video of our device functioning (intended more for networking geeks and


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