[-empyre-] The logical extension?

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Dear Patrick

I think the netopticon/panopticon is not all constraint to camera's or  
technological applied equipment

On the contrary it is constraint in the intangible mindset of (Simon  
Briggs) the Super Ego as expressed by the mechanistic reflexes of its  
harsh grip on everyday life

Some can find a hideout in indulging themselves in the carressing  
substance of 'words', others are left speechless dying in the streets  
of the major cities in the world

Studying 'Relation Aesthetics' won't bring the necessary 'change' we  

This goes for all academic endeveours not connected with real life and  
class struggle

Like Hegel said:

The 'Becoming' of the world is a collective cognitive process, which  
gradually unfold itself in society

It may appear to be interpretational, but we are always one step  
behind in comprehending it (i.e. The world)

Andreas Maria Jacobs

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On 30 Jan 2011, at 23:47, "Lichty, Patrick" <plichty at colum.edu> wrote:

> I think the cure to the downward spiral is that of the law of  
> diminishing returns.  The doom of humanity under ubisurv is really  
> dependent on 100% efficiency of the surveillance apparatus.  Bu t  
> this is far from the  case - at best, it is a set of architectonics  
> or localized situations of power (larger or smaller).  Why? because  
> there are so many cameras, objects, texts, whatever, that no one can  
> monitor them all.  This is evident in the outsourcing of camera  
> watching in Britain, with pay being dependent on prevention of  
> crime.  So strange.  Perhaps this is the netopticon proper.  The  
> ubiquitous camera/community mix, with no guarantee that anyone is  
> watching the camera, liking your photo, reading your feed, or liking  
> you at all.  The eye is universal, but the gaze is uncertain, the  
> link is tenuous, but this is Foucault/Bentham, anyway?
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