[-empyre-] this month's discussion on wearables, distributed

simon swht at clear.net.nz
Thu Jun 2 09:12:08 EST 2011

dear <<empyreans>>,

As an observer of the discussion, certain of its aspects interested me 
very much, for instance the notions of performance, style, and fashion 
as it both captures clothing design and takes it on its line of flight; 
but what, apart from a lack of time to engage, led me not to, was the 
near absence of any criticality vis-a-vis the topic, a kind of felt 
overlay, making it difficult to see or feel distinct shapes, cushioning 
angles, softening contours, padding arguments, such that Van Dyk's 
intervention came as a relief ... from all of the relief, the anodyne. 
But then at that point all that could be a heard was a dull thud: a 
thimble fell to the rubberized carpet from a soft table, its impact 
entirely absorbed, in a soundproof workspace as far away from the 
sweatshops as it is possible to get.


Simon Taylor


On 02/06/11 02:15, Johannes Birringer wrote:
> dear all
> well, it's been announced the month's discussion is nearly or practically over,
> and one already has a sense that for some reason the discussion didn't come together,
> or discussants posted and left/did not return, some returned but it felt we were not
> having a conversation, or debate on some of the issues proposed between us, from the beginning,
> is this just my impression, or do others feel the same?
> what made this month's discussion difficult, in your opinion?
> with regards
> Johannes
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