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>Thanks so much for sharing these links, Tamiko.  It's wonderful to 
>have this cartographic trace of such an exciting onsite AR event. 
>It's a fabulous extension of the official biennale process.  Great 
>to see stills of the work.

I'm interested by the participants choice not to extend the 
availability of the works more broadly online as net.art pieces.  Was 
this choice a technological determination related to the smartphone 
interface and the desire for onsite intervention or were there added 
considerations involved.



>Hi Y'all -
>Thanks to Christiane Paul for mentioning us!
>The international cyberartist group Manifest.AR has just returned from
>premiering their artworks at the Venice Biennial. We use augmented
>reality to place our artworks in public and private spaces around the
>world. We viewed the closed national pavilions system of the Venice
>Biennial Giardini, and Bice Curiger's "5 Questions" ostensibly calling
>this system into question, as a call to place our own responses to this
>topic into the Giardini itself.
>Our works encompass refugee shanties strewn throughout the Giardini,
>golden pavilions of censored artists from around the world, a memorial
>to the petrification of official Chinese culture and many more:
>The artworks are only visible on smartphones - but they are geolocated
>in the Giardini itself and will remain there on site indefinitely as
>virtual artworks.
>Selected press photos of artworks:
>Tamiko Thiel / Manifest.AR
>   Tamiko Thiel
>   tamiko at alum.mit.edu
>   http://www.mission-base.com/tamiko/
>   Venice Biennial 2011 - Manifest.AR uninvited AR Infiltration
>   http://manifestarblog.wordpress.com/venice2011/
>"Shades of Absence" - AR artwork for Venice Biennial 2011
>   http://manifestarblog.wordpress.com/thiel_venice-2011/
>empyre forum
>empyre at lists.cofa.unsw.edu.au

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