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Well, now your drawing turns on a computer every day!  This is an amazing


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On 3/3/11 10:57 AM, "Christina McPhee" <christina at christinamcphee.net>

> on the nonce (8.50 AM here):
> As it happens:
> The story of how the drawing acquired its speech action.
> Two years ago, I drew the two gnarly glyphy almost smear ballpoint
> characters on a piece of washi paper.  The paper was from
> Hiromi paper in Santa Monica.  It had been made by a 'Japanese
> National Treasure' master.  Last set of sheets of its kind before
> the death of the master, or so they said, at Hiromi.
> I stopped not being able to see what was next.
> Frustrated let the washi fall to the graphite-strewn floor of the
> shed, then outside hanging by a clip.  Rain, then sun.  Stains.
> Brought the drawing back inside, put it back up on the wall next to my
> computer. Stopped seeing it.
> Then: my brother (who never visits) visited.  He is a Buddhist monk.
> Known for dry humor and few words.
> As he walked past the drawing, he said ,
> "This drawing will turn on a computer."
> I was at my laptop as now.
> I leapt up in excitement and grabbed a stubby pencil and quickly wrote
> his dicta in large letters across the bottom half.
> The soft graphite was sliding deliciously over the still-silky washi
> unbowed by many rains.
> On Mar 3, 2011, at 1:13 AM, simon wrote:
>> Dear <<empyreans>>,
>> initially, the field
>> this drawing while turning on a computer taps into a felt fold
>> inside inside skin-side
>> if only an interval might intercede
>> one time once at once nonce-wise
>> a computer annexes this interval
>> withdrawn indrawn drawn model
>> participating in the hallucination of a mathematics
>> to which in such twitch
>> subjectivities annexing subjectivities
>> to the illusion of a multiplicity
>> mathematical minus plus plus being
>> a collectivity minus much more less or less
>> a nomadology within matter matters butterfly.
>> Best,
>> Simon Taylor
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