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Elisita Smailus elismailus at vtxmail.ch
Tue Nov 1 03:37:59 EST 2011

Dear soft skinned and open minded/hearted forum participants,

I am happy that Michl has come back to discussion at the end of "our" month - having appreciated so much the wonderful statements he (with Johannes as moderator) had shared after the direct experience of the International Choreolab which has been the initial impulse of the discussions on (E)MOTION FREQUENCY deceleration.

Thanks Johannes for mentioning  "intimations of soul and spirituality, amongst the cultural and political analyses brought forth this month" as well as "negative dialectics" that one may or not may wish to circumvent... AND for moderating this intensive 31 days in an exceptionally openminded acknowledgement of all the different contributions AND for his supporting, sustaining this (sometimes spiralling) sharing of ideas/thoughts/knowledges personal and professional by again and again asking QUESTIONS which fostered an ongoing discussion.

As Sondra points out for her personal/professional development, I too, as a Social Dance Therapeut,  have "moved away from dance as display and toward the depth-experience that people can have when they are not on display" and therefore share
those  "spaces of personal experience, transformation and insight [which] can be developed... [as] transit areas, capable of deriving towards a non-dualistic realization of the conditio vitae of life-and-death"  through Butoh (as Michl stated) and other therapeutic dance and soma work, making it also possible for me to "remember my life and relate through touch, vision, color, and all my senses." (Sondra) And yes, I think (and have experienced) as well, that "We can access the state of the womb in the ecstasy of time as the past and future come to us in the present." Thanks Sondra for sharing this with us.

While finding "places of stillness and waiting" (Sondra) and being aware of myself to possibly "be at two different locations simultaneously" (Akram) whilst sitting at my computer at home and with my Empyre thoughts being/arriving at your homes...
if it is part of what Akram means with "simultaneous existence at infinitely many places, through what is known as the 'Superposition Principle' "?? I try to follow the very sophisticated thoughts about CERN et al.

and I love to follow Akram's paradoxon of  "QM as allowing the actual existence of every possible quantum outcome but in worlds parallel to our own. This leads to the terrifyingly sublime implication that all possible alternative histories and futures are real and each is represented by an actual “world” or “universe”.... so when you were born alive you were also born dead!" 
even without (perhaps/surely) really understanding it...

I do not know whether it is necessary to agree or not "with this partially deaf whisperer that it makes no sense to talk of 'deceleration' (or acceleration, of course) in a relativistic universe?" (David) but think (if it were relativistic) that, in our definite way of being (being born to die - someday at least) we can think of being born to live instead. And the question of death/life-continuum will be relative, or relatively speaking a life/death-continuum.... So (in the same way) acceleration and deceleration are part of the same and yet different, or not? And I definitely enjoy not to have any definite answer - or any definite, absolute truth about all this...

If "equal amounts of matter and anti-matter were created at the beginning of times" (Akram), and symmetry effect of particles transformed into corresponding anti-particles (or matter into anti-matter) by Charge conjugation and "mirror image of reality" produced by parity, alll our finding out that" matter and anti-matter are intrinsically different" (Akram) and other immensely interesting things (still to be found out) seem to me explanations to understand the universe (and ourselves) existencially, physically AND metaphysically, hermeneutically as well as philosophically and/or cosmologically...

If "primordial sounds, then, play a crucial role in the origin of all structure" (Akram) we could "hiss" for a while - then "humm" - then "aum" - then sing with joy, cry (hopefully) without pain, laugh at ourselves as well as our "humanocentric thinking" (David) and produce encounters (with ourselves, the other and the third) immersing "in the infinitely unperceptible... (Claudia) by decelerating from time to time and continue searching for another concept of time while (according to Scott) meditating "on universal compassion and unconditional love until the mind-brain-body is dancing in a gamma-rhythm and rejoice" (also Scott). Following latters ideas of 

and:  HYPER [wave] LEADS TO HYPO [particle]

we could counterbalance (inertia) with some of the proposed Shiva Nata, which is (quote from the website)
"brain training that kind of looks like martial arts, and acts like drugs-that-make-you-smart-and-hot. It uses movement patterns to generate new neural connections and huge understandings that let you rewrite your patterns. Sometimes we hate it for being so damn hard – but we get over that because Shiva Nata makes us graceful, coordinated and awesome. And because of the hot, buttered epiphanies." 

I have no idea what that could be but it sounds interesting...  and thank you all for having been part and having shared on this plattform, perhaps finding even beyond Michls so called Butoh's "dynamics of grief" and/or "un/conscious suffering"  the development of empathy necessary to change  "the ego-centered, dualistic mind which is marked by an assumption of a separation and permanence of phenomena."

Evening greetings from Southern Switzerland


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