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Dear all
I confess that ironically, this list is going somewhat too fast for me as I
go about multitasking, which at the moment includes many hospital visits
for myself and members of my family - including this afternoon where I had
a very unpleasant experience of 'deceleration' while positioned very
uncomfortably inside an MRI  scannner for 20 minutes of clock time which
felt like an eternity . . .
anyway I was thinking that was the last day and hence rushing to respond to
some posts from  earlier before it was too late (deceleration bites the
dust!) , but now hear from Johannes we have till tomorrow evening . ..
I'd like to pick up on Elisita's earlier point about combining the
political and the aesthetic/meditational sense in a sensible 'movement
towards life' - I think it is worthwhile reflecting more here on the
possibility of  a 'politics of effort' , which also relates to the
pre-effort, pre-acceleration or 'pre-movement' as discussed by Hubert
Godard, which is not under the control of the conscious subject and
combines the cultural as well as the individual. If we think of (pre)
movement as a corporeal textuality, a weaving of energies where the
cultural and pre-conscious are inseparably intertwined, then interventions
in this economy are going to have repercussions which 'affect' both the
individual and culture, which to my mind is the most far-reaching form of
political intervention, and does affect the 'balance' of power.
I would like to expand on this now but my son and the next task call - this
time swimming in an open-air pool, a welcome antidote to the enclosed space
of the scanner . . .(not yet had an opportunity to look at the Land to
Water video but look forward to it, Sondra)

On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 6:11 PM, Johannes Birringer <
Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk> wrote:

> thanks Anne-Sarah for sharing your work –  "Outre-ronde - Beyond-Round.
> (Lentir, sentir, sondre)"   –  with us, and some of the links where we can
> see the configurations for your interactional design...
> was it just now shown at ZKM in Karlsruhe?    i like the overall "theme"
> of the exhibition,  "Au creux de l'obscur - Into the Hollow of Darkness",
> but I maybe i am saying so as I read Akram's post and David's reply on the
> matter of matter (and dark energy);
> it might also be interesting to look at "Outre-ronde" and then ponder
> again Gordana's many insightful posts and also Claudia's on interaction
> rituals and how observation or action vibrates in such mediation
> events..... alongside the (not fully described and thus blurred) re-search
> Branden is engaged with,  on "Cockpit, Test, Vertigo –– a study of the
> airplane cockpit as a prototypical space of interactivity"....
> and incidentally, Anne-Sarah, your image & text reference to "Outre-ronde"
>  (http://aslemeur.free.fr/projets/images/lemeur_zkm_verso_eng_web.jpg) is
> fascinating, can you repost that text here? and how did you react to
> Jaime's concepts of "de-visualization," - when you say your work explores
> the resistance of the image to be seen?
> as to Akram's posts on the accelerations (and galaxies), they make my mind
> reel outre-rond,
> and underneath the strange equations I remember you drawing on my napkin
> the other week, Akram,
> now via David the less well hearing Chinese Whisperer*  [what is this?,
> like horse whisperer? ], i sense many infuriating and exhilarating
> paradoxes.
> Already they are being attracted.
> –--  let us go one more day and one more night –
> * broken telephone?
> thanks Branden for noticing my small reference to the death of Kittler, I
> did not know him nor read many of the theories, but the "Gramophone Film
> Typewriter" (1999) is truly wonderful.
> Somehow i am so amazed at Akram's writing about SOUND and the beginnings
> of the universe, hearing matters, that i am confusing the telephone with
> the gramophone.
> ** oh, i checked on Chinese whisperer, in the wikipedia:
> >The name "Chinese whispers" reflects the former stereotype in Europe of
> the Chinese language as being incomprehensible. It is little-used in the
> United States and may be considered offensive. However, it remains the
> common British English name for the game.>
> there goes..
> peace
> Johannes
> >>Anne-Sarah schreibt>>
> Thank you very much for these discussion theme, so interesting to question
> with technologies ! Some of you may be interested in my interactive work
> Beyond-Ronde (Outre-ronde in french)
> http://aslemeur.free.fr/projets/images/lemeur_zkm_verso_eng_web.jpg
> I would like to testify of the surprise I got watching people interacting
> with my early work-in-progress.
> How can we have someone slow down through an interactive art work ?
> In my work, the screen is cylindrical so that the image can move around
> the viewer. It appears, disappears and moves according to his/her behaviour
> and gaze direction (sensor on the head). My purpose is (mainly) to lead the
> vewer to a contemplative state while querying his/her desire of controling
> the image that is escaping his/her gaze, as long as they are moving 'too'
> fast.
> I discovered that as long as the image is moving fast to avoid the
> viewer\'s gaze, the viewer is moving fast too. They can\'t stop moving and
> looking for watching. The viewer is really reacting/imitating/following the
> image position. Even if they see it is aimless (they hardly see the image).
> I had to have several progressive phases. One where the image disappears
> without moving, one where the image appears and moves faster that the
> viewer, till he can\'t turn anymore. One featuring a slow tango between the
> image and the viewer. The last one, the contemplation one, without movement
> (but variations in the image).
> I would be happy to get any comments or links to other similar works,
> Anne-Sarah
> http://aslemeur.free.fr/projets/outre_r_eng.htm
> http://aslemeur.free.fr/projets/outre_r_video.htm
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