[-empyre-] 'deceleration' and dark matters

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Tue Nov 1 07:56:17 EST 2011

what would such a cultural pre-movement / effort be, "pre-movement' as discussed by Hubert Godard, "which is not under the control of the conscious subject and combines the cultural as well as the individual"? 
what notion of affects or forces is posited here, Dee?  I am curious what Godard's writings are on "pre-movement," since Michèle Danjoux had earlier invoked Erin Manning on "pre-acceleration,"  and I had not come across the notion of pre-movement in a soma/cultural context before;  
and it seems that Godard's somatic studies are connected to developmental psychology and emotion studies?  or am I wrong?  is Godard a neurophysiologist  working in cancer research or a rolfer ?   and to what extent is a "theory" of energetics  (unconscious / uncontrolled) liable to be misunderstood, if we think back/recollect again, through our collective trauma corpus, the fascist and totalitarian collectivizing movements of the 20th century?  a very bad dream time. 

>> Dee schreibt: 
I'd like to pick up on Elisita's earlier point about combining the political and the aesthetic/meditational sense in a sensible 'movement towards life' - I think it is worthwhile reflecting more here on the possibility of  a 'politics of effort' , which also relates to the pre-effort, pre-acceleration or 'pre-movement' as discussed by Hubert Godard, which is not under the control of the conscious subject and combines the cultural as well as the individual. If we think of (pre) movement as a corporeal textuality, a weaving of energies where the cultural and pre-conscious are inseparably intertwined, then interventions in this economy are going to have repercussions which 'affect' both the individual and culture, which to my mind is the most far-reaching form of political intervention, and does affect the 'balance' of power.


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