[-empyre-] 'deceleration' - fugue-like

Gordana Novakovic gordana.novakovic at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 07:53:32 EST 2011

> more distractions to come, a long way to midnight:

Dear All,

Travelling currently and was unfortunately unable to participate for a
couple of days. Now slowly reading through your posts with great
excitement. I am particularly grateful for sharing first person
accounts and deep reflections by masters of the movement and
meditation. That provided me with much needed confidence that my
intuition was right by leading me to butoh and back to my old
interests in ritual, grateful to reflections on rhythms of the body
and emotions, rhythms of the universe (and string theory which excited
me long ago, and still is)...and, perhaps, looking straight into
horrific face of reality through a prism of art of a very special kind
might be a way to identify the potential for a new kinds of a
contemporary form of ritual; however it may never be found.

Just to respond with one sentence to the topic of deceleration, which
I think I actually haven’t: deceleration, the way I understand it,
means a highly political activity, a quest for tuning to the ‘right’
speed/rhythm that would be in harmony with the counterpoint of the
natural biological and cosmic, fugue-like, polyphone, non-mechanical,
non-linear rhythms.

It has been an extraordinary experience and I'll have a great reading
for long winter nights. Wish we could continue this discussion

love and piece


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