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Dear <<empyreans>>,

thank you, Ioannis, for your recommendations. Serendipitous. I like the 
picture of Kittler playing the saxophone to ease his students' souls. ( 
I never suspected the sax could be an Hegelian instrument.) And there is 
a sense ethological in which the text by Metaxas recalls Deleuze.

The primacy of place as a theatrical necessity for the mystery of a 
labyrinthine onto-genesis (Samuel Weber) - summoned over the break (in 
place) (Deleuze gives it in one essay to Kant in three figures of time, 
pace Kittler) (but it is usually there as a Nietzschean will-to-power 
made pathic flesh) - this problem of a place more or less directed in 
its wanderings - more by corpocratic investment, less by democratic 
interest - performs the refrain of an ethological particle (or caprice): 
that speck of dust which could only have come from the interment you 
dreamt that you attended, near Hegel, near Mueller too; or that hair you 
swallowed, struggling over the liminal threshold out of the maze of 
sleep into the morning, you knew could only have belonged to Ariadne.

Andreas, the Ansichheit of the perceptual value and object of 
phenomenology - as if we might remain with values and objects and not 
dissolve into them and out of them - restores a sense of the world 
before use. Again, Wilde was there with us in Endless Art (by A House 
here <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmEvTa7Npk0>). As for meaning, the 
psychologist and photographer Roger Ballen addressed this (asignifiant 
petit objet a) succently, replying to the BBC interviewer's request to a 
attach a meaning to his work: I may as well look at my hand and ask, 
What does it mean? (Ballen is here <http://www.rogerballen.com/>.)

Those little blue hyperlinked "heres" - what do they mean? With Derrida 
the ghost of presence at the rampart? Or the possibility of an ethology 
arising out of the theatricality of the medium? For example, the form of 
popular activism of OWS.

How does that work? Nicholas, the fact that the people's or human mic 
becomes ritualistic and cultish is surely the point. It has detached. A 
medium gains value like this, without necessarily meaning anything, and 
linked to the particularities of time and place positively migrates.


Simon Taylor


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