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Dear all

I trust we shall be getting under way with a series if brief reflections, on a physical and intellectual workshop, branching out some of the questions we raised, posikg new ones, and inviting a larger set of practitioners to
extend the theme and take us, possibly, also elsewhere even as we may return to butoh dance and questions of space (in time) in the last week.  

In the FIRST WEEK, I would like to welcome some of the master teachers, performers and ethnographers who participated in the Choreolab. 

I am aware that there are conventions of introducing a guest, i try to follow at times, and at times not, I'd like to keep our ensemble work informal.

The first round of reflections might begin with Michael Weiss's mediations on the Choreolab, which he sent to me today before going off into the field,  an off-line territory. I shall post tomorrow.
This week discussion will be moved by:

^   Michael  Weiss
(Michael Weiss studied social and cultural anthropology (University of Vienna) and physical theatre (Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium - Odin Teatret). He recently completed his participative PhD research on dynamics of ritual and grief in the transmission of Japanese butô dance by Ohno Yoshito)

^ Sebastian Prantl
(Choreographer/dancer, artistic director of TAW and ICLA; Sebastian (b. Vienna)  received his performing arts education in New York from 1978 to 1984 where he studied at the Dance Theatre of Harlem, the Martha Graham School, the Juilliard School of the Performing Arts, etc. During this period he created his first solo choreographies also at the Whitney Independent Studio Program (supervised by Yvonne Rainer). In 1988 Sebastian Prantl founded together with the pianist Cecilia Li the Tanz Atelier Wien. Projects, productions, symposia, concerts and art gatherings were produced regularly - thus new audiences for dance related agendas were accumulated. His orientation towards art related themes and live music has given him a distinct label in the growing Austrian Dance milieu. His choreographic work has taken him all over the world i.e. India, China, Taiwan, Canada, USA, Europe etc., and he became a key figure for independent dance enterprises in Austria- involving himself in cultural politics striving for general support and a centre for contemporary dance and choreography (Tanzquartier Wien).)

^ Amos Hetz 
(Amos Hetz is a movement teacher with many years of experience. His interests, background, history and vision as a body-philosopher bring him to focus on the origins of movement, creativity, and the ability to learn. His teachings have been significant for actors, dancers, singers, physical therapists, Feldenkrais®, Sensory Awareness® or other movement practitioners, teachers, anybody working with children or otherwise professionally involved with movement. He has been a professor at Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.)

^ Elisita Smailus 
(Elisita is a movement practitioners, and has a Diploma in Social Economy (1987), as Social Dance Therapist (1990), and Certified Movement Analyst (1997), and a Diploma of Advanced Studies TanzKultur (2008); She recently completed  a Master of Advanced Studies TanzKultur (2011), at University Bern (CH). She ahs been working freelance in Southern Switzerland, co-conducting a module based intensive basic training of Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis.)

^ Fabrizio Manco
(Fabrizio's varied artistic practice includes performance and live art, choreography, drawing, installation and video, cutting across artistic forms and sensory modalities, working with different sites, landscapes, architectural and cultural spaces. His writing and artistic work is versatile in nature, exploring embodied hearing, the listening and the vulnerable body, in relation and in a democratising relationship with visual, physical performance and writing practice. He has lived in London since 1991 and has trained in Art & Design, Fine Art, both in Italy and London (Parabita Art Institute, City Lit, UCL-Slade School of Fine Art, BA/MA). He studied Arts & Humanities at the University of Salento, Italy, and has trained in Butoh and in performance in Italy, England and Japan. He has shown and performed work, nationally and internationally, (including Italy, Singapore, India, Canada, Finland, Germany, Croatia, Spain). Fabrizio is currently a PhD candidate at Roehampton University with a research entitled Ear Bodies: Acoustic Folds and Ecologies in Site-Contingent Performance, where he also weaves together his previous practice and research on Carmelo Bene and the Baroque (1998-2000), on Tarantism and Butoh (1998-2007) and tinnitus/hyperacusis (1998-to present).)

thank you

Johannes Birringer
director, DAP-Lab

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