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Dear all,

After reading  some reflections about the last Choreolab workshop in 
Krems,  I feel that a I have missed something great....

First of all, I will like to share with you my experience with Butoh.   
My first contact with art was through fine arts: painting,  sculpture, 
etc. however, in the last 10 years I have focused my work only on  new 
media art  (mostly**sound/video) and I had been working only with 
computers...  that means that the only parts of my body, which I have 
used in the last years weremy hands:  I was just typing /thinking/ typing.

sostarted  my approach to Butoh,with the reflection about the 
integration of the human body and mind in life and therefore in my work. 
In 2002 I had the opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary 
project which included Butoh, video and music/sound at the Bauhaus 
Foundation: it was the perfect ambiance to experiment possibilities of 
integrating the human body and the machine in a work of art.   I was 
really impressed with the multiple options that technology can offer to 
create new types of relations between media/space and body.

Inspired in the Butoh movements and especially in its stillness and slow 
motion, I began to work using muscles sensors (EMG Electromyogram) 
attached to Butoh performers, utilising this bio-data to interact with 
the new media and permitting in this way a real body presence in the 
multimedia works.I think that now days,human  body has become 
unnecessary and I found in the Butoh practice (thanks to its slow 
motion)a way  to  recover it, a way to increase body awareness....

just to finish with my brief experience...  some words of Yasu Ohashi 
that has caught my attention and I have applied to some of works:: 'The 
actors aim at our senses, our body and our unconscious and not at our 
intellect. Their gestures try to envision THE INVISIBLE WORLD'. [1]

...  to be continued...

best regards,


[1]Haerdter, Michael and Kawai, Sumie (1998). Rebellion des Körpers, 
Butoh, ein Tanz aus Japan. Alexander Verlag, Berlin p. 25

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