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David Hughes davidhughes19 at btinternet.com
Wed Oct 12 02:51:35 EST 2011

Hello you all.

I'm not meant to be presenting until week four but well, things have started
to churn about so here goes.


Somewhere back there I changed my email address and so my posts to empyre
weren't getting through.

Anyway I posted one line of a short text I had posted earlier just to test
the thing. oh my.  . etc .. etc . etc.

Anyway. The line was not meant to be a gnomic utterance so here's the full


"There was the big bang. 

The universe accelerated and expanded. 

Then it slowed down. Consolidated, condensed, contained. Expanding still.

Then it started to accelerate again. Faster expansion.

That's where we are now."


Hmm well not so much even when full.


Anyway the point was this. The place I'm interested in here is the middle,
the centre. Oh, that could be mis-leading.

The middle line.


That place where there is expansion and contraction AT THE SAME TIME.
Acceleration and deceleration. Where did the 'c' go?

Economy and profligacy.


And as I try and find the binaries for those terms the word 'condense'
strikes me as extremely interesting. Perhaps that word catches what
interests me here, the opposites caught in one moment, one state, one
material, one posture, one position. Or perhaps, rather, both at once.


Perhaps in the moment of condensation there is both shrinkage and expansion.
There is certainly a change of state. Where does one state end and another
begin? When is matter gas and when liquid?


So perhaps where this is taking me is a question about
acceleration/deceleration (where did the 'c' go? Perhaps it evaporated).
When does the state of the body change from acceleration to deceleration?
What is the consequence of both of those states co-existing in a tension, in
a possibility?


So maybe that's where I start. That moment of tension. Paradoxically, that
place which, in our physical improvisations, we called 'neutral'.


OK. Well let's see if this makes it through the door keepers.


Best wishes to you all and many, many thanks to JB for calling my head from
out of my shell.


Where did the 'c' go? It evaporated. It condensed. It 'one-danced'.


David Hughes


PS If you want to see any of the stuff I've been doing over the last 5 years
please go to:






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