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Elisita Smailus elismailus at vtxmail.ch
Thu Oct 13 04:04:16 EST 2011

Hello to all in this forum,
after reading and reflecting a little on the very interesting new inputs, I have the feeling that a month will not be enough to handle all the upcoming thoughts and ideas. Sitting in front of the computer, moving mainly the fingers (even though using a big ball for sitting which helps balancing a lightly swaying body thinking...) I agree with Nilüfer that "we fight the chaotic structure of life to find the simple, pure moment of coming alive" also and very profoundly through breathing, profoundly and fully aware - at least as often possible. Then perhaps even the writing of these reflections may become meditative.

It is also in the sculptural slow moving from form to form in dancing, breathing into the volume of the inner body, becoming aware of all the connections and finding new connective patterns - and their emotional as well as associative/imaginative potential - that I like to be. But that is not always possible, especially as I am often more the hurried type - having become the hurried type after leaving the flowing and seeminlgy timeless being in the womb. Thus thoughts though have come to me only by working with and through my body, having been privileged to encounter countless ways of moving - on a practical and theoretical background, which I foster: meaning the and/and and not the either/or - the practice AND the theory, the BODY and the MIND.

Prolonging moments - breathing into the vertical AND the horizontal AND the sagittal dimension of my (inner/outer) body simultaneously... finding the fourth dimension? In these moments finding the (as Olu Taiwo points out) 'dilation of duration' - and feeling more the being 'membrane' (see Fabrizio)  in between moments of normal daily routine with sometimes the necessity to speed up the activity. And all this trying to be as self-reflective AND participatory at te same time...

I loved Gordanas thoughts/definitions/questionings about INTERACTIVE ART being process AND complex AND interdependant... and would like to continue on that, perhaps - later, as I have to rush of to an appointment which I cannot postpone.

Coming back, as soon as I can

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