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Elisita Smailus elismailus at vtxmail.ch
Thu Oct 13 19:21:58 EST 2011

Tonight, in the early morning hours I woke up - and for some time could not go back to sleep. Perhaps it was the full moon's presence and energy which made me have strange thoughts. And even before having a look at Lucier's and Claudia's performance (links by Johannes), I was imagining a body on EEC producing text, accompanied with movement...
So it is quite a brainwork here...

And I was thinking which part of the endo/ecto/meso-foldings or cellular development becomes brain - and which become skin... Perhaps "fatemap" - interesting comments here from Johannes in relation to the name - can be help to be more specific.

In continuation to yesterday I agree, that we

acquire certain tools to enable us to resist or at least judge more wisely our chosen velocities (Michele)

Quoting Gordana, I think that

 The perceptual hypotheses offered by the participant will depend on
the complex sum of cultural habits and lived experience (gordana)

and that I like the idea of

design installations that engage participants in a spontaneous non-verbal communication between two
entities (Gordana)

I would like to reflect further on the following statement

Probably the strongest scientific paradigm that bridges the famous
body/mind gap and provides empirical evidences for philosophical
concepts of phenomenology and embodied mind is the field of brain
plasticity (pioneered by the late Paul Bach-y-Rita, followed by
Michael Merzenich, and others) (Gordana)

and feel also that

consciousness itself, that Holy Grail of science and
philosophy, will soon be given a neural explanation (Gordana) 

Probably, also in designing installations or participating (in what way ever) in installations, I would continue for the

magic moment of understanding, or anticipating, the reflection and expended consciousness through movement (Gordana)

Thoughts uncompleted, I have to be off again - 
and then to Cologne for an interesting Conference on how
experiences in dance may help understand the world.

coming back next week 
I wish you all good continuation

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