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oh,  how is it possible to re/create Lucier's brain wave /mediational performance - it was not scored, was it?  how could it be scored?

or is this a work that can be created again by others (thus participatory in the Cagean sense) being / performing in the same
configuration or arrangement, mise en scène and allowing your own waves to weave and be, in these moments, in this weather?

You are working with a particular mode of approach here, and giving us much to think about.

[the artist Janine Antoni, i believe, created an installation work called "Slumber [1993], which featured her working, with her hands  on the loom – making little models of the world – , and what she weaves
are the "recorded traces" of her dreams [REM via electroencephalograph machine] that were recorded the previous night and printed out on a long strip of paper...  then over the course of many days of the
duration of the installation, she weaves these abstracted records of her dreams into cloth, a blanket, or clothes for the audiences, who could, if one did so, Gordana,  "wear" Janine's rewoven dreams]

I wonder how Jennifer would see the wired performer in relationship to work-study science?
how come our Postfordist managers have not come up with ways to measure our brainwaves at work?  

>Economy and profligacy" (David Hughes suggested, working on paradoxes, contracted expansions and accelerated decelerations to which we shall return in Week 4 when physicist Akram Khan from the CERN project will join us and talk about the origins and fatemaps of the universe, in dialogue with architects I have invited).....

i wonder indeed how motion and emotion are talked about in economics and by the critical clinicians of finance/banking, as after all our economy and our work situations/pattern are quite fundamental,
existential for most of us and surely,  as some have hinted at (Nilufer and Michèle),  cause or determine our rhythms to some extent, and fate us. 

we are ailing.  

art or dance as sublimatory/compensatory re-associative or palliative (meditational therapy, body-mind centering, yoga, zumba anyone?) processional?

Olu's philosophical take stunned me and inspired me. Therefore I wonder how others read him, when he shifted our theme to a widened cultural / collectivized level:

Consequently, having reflected on the discussion thus far, I am struck by our mind's resistance to change as a result of this rotational motion; how we are drawn towards dominance patterns of thinking. Cognitive activity seeks to distinguish and describe the problems of perceiving what is required when real cultural deceleration in a material sense is seriously entertained. Action however, requires a whole other faculty! 

Personally working reflectively and more importantly reflexively to decelerate my actions and the actions of others through teaching workshops for the purpose of eudaimonia is one thing, but to do this as a cultural and trans-cultural collective practice is the challenge that I am particularly interested. I feel strongly that 'practice' and 'meditation' are important ingrediences. I would like to offer and propose the idea of dreaming a construction of new trans-national and trans-cultural space/ building/zone/institute (what ever shape this might take) for 'intercultural meditation' to facilitate the pegagogy of Cultural deceleration.>

Olu,  what is a trans-cultural eudaiminia?

method-actings and actions towards the generation of  well-being (eu) of our spirits  (daimon)  – a greater Flourishing of Life, 
and including/embracing all the spirits  beyond the "lateral ground" (earth), as Ohno Kazuo would say,  the dead and our ancestors?

I did imagine Ohno Kazuo to be a Romantic, when he said:  “Even on taking leave of my flesh and bones, I want to continue dancing as a ghost.”


PS.  Did you know there exists a Society for Existential Analysis?   

An an Institute for Unnecessary Research?

>>>>  Claudia Robles schreibt

for now...  I would like to share with all a video excerpt about the
Lucier's piece :  ''Music for a solo performance''  I performed 2 months
ago during a Festival in Cologne...   I tried to follow exactly the
original Lucier's score...


I must go....


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