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I am sorry for my delay to answer questions.. but I'm holding a workshop 
in these days...

 >>oh,  how is it possible to re/create Lucier's brain wave /mediational 
performance - it was not scored, was it?  how could it be scored?

so...  about the Lucier's piece score...

it's not really a score ...  sorry if I used the wrong word...  I 
received from Alvin Lucier a complete technical description about the 
piece, which kind of instruments could be used and how the sound of the 
instruments come out... and what should one do during the performance 
  and some other specifications...

 >>r is this a work that can be created again by others (thus 
participatory in the Cagean sense) being / performing in the same 
configuration or arrangement, mise en scène and allowing your own waves 
to weave and be, in these moments, in this weather?


I hope I can answer more questions in the next hours.....




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