[-empyre-] condensación/extrusión 3

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Mon Oct 17 00:44:51 EST 2011

Gordana's longer and invigorating post, "Artaud, ritual, spectacle, alchemy...and a pinch of science"  really invites a final
round of comments and feedbacks from this week's workshop discussants, and I am already tantalized by what our speakers from next week
will have to say as some of the issues raised by Gordana fall directly into their research and practice areas....

It seems, Gordana, that you have opened our minds to reflect further on a trope that Jack had introduced, at the beginning of the week, "Somatechnics",
but i would like to look at this intrinsic interconnection now through your notions of spectacularity and ritual  -- and yet
ask Jack again whether, from his experience of living with the Inuit  a n d  living in the"south", there are not very different kinds of "somatechnics"?

and thus, effectively, different kinds of ritual technics and tech-spectacles and the kind of immersive engaging interactional enviroments Gordana prefers, and then the meditative ones, and the religious
ones (and the sports rituals, in Dortmund when 80.000 go to the stadium, they go to "mass" in a Catholic sense of transubstantiation), the agitational ones, and the 'campy' ones (i am thinking here of Hélio Oiticica's tropicamp, and his passion for installations that put you at ease and yet affect you directly,  which is perhaps what he meant by "cre-leisure"  (or creative leisure)?

but cre-leisure is more: I think Oiticica's hope for heightened multi-sensory experience (the "suprasensorial" ) is a metaphysical vision, close to Artaud's?


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