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Thanks so much Gordana for your so interesting post! It has really 
opened a possibility to clarify my doubts about ''turning the 
participant into an actor and about creating a shared experience'' 
(using your own words)...

and finally to answer Johannes question...

 >>>... I was reminded of your ‘INsideOUT’ performance/installation, and 
when I first saw it, your stillness, your 'just' >>sitting there (with 
the electrodes).......... - I could not connect all of my experience in 
my mind or through my >>body, as it seemed so non-performative 
(anti-performative), and the relationship/connection to projected 
 >>images, influenced by your brain waves, was not clear to me....... 
(how were these images "fatemapped"?, can one >>say this, Jack?)

in INsideOUT I tried to create a biofeedback environment by analysing my 
own brainwaves and afterwards translating these parameters to sound and 
video, feeding them back to myself. The mapping was very simple... by 
telling to myself a story, I tried to contact different types of spaces 
that stimulate different reminiscences from my personal inner world ... 
when I was in a calm state the sound and the visuals were calm (blue 
colors, quiet sounds,etc) to produce in a certain way the same mental 
state, if the anger is stimulated e.g. the sounds and visuals are 
chaotic and strong colors in order to stimulate this emotion... creating 
in this way a feedback between my brain, and the multimedia space.

I have performed the piece many times in different countries; it is not 
possible to reproduce it each time in the same way, in the sense that it 
depends on the space, audience, my personal day stress... and many other 
factors... The comments I have received from the audience are different 
too... there are from people who feel the stress I also feel (or I 
produce) in their own bodies... there are people that just see a 
schamanic trance from the outside... and others that don't feel anything 
in particular.

Anyway.. after my performance in Brunel and Johannes's comments about 
the piece... I am rethinking about the problems in some cases about the 
transmission performance - audience ... probably in INsideOUT I was more 
focused in my own trance ritual and in the way to create an biofeedback 
environment to my own self ... but now I am concerned in the idea to 
share the experience and that's exactly what I am working now...

... it was a fantastic and very interesting discussion ... I have 
received so many interesting inputs in the last days, that I would like 
to continue working on... but for now I go to Prague to present an 
installation next week and I hope to come back to the discussion in one 
week again.

best wishes,



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