[-empyre-] Somatechnics, response, participation, failed empathy

Gordana Novakovic gordana.novakovic at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 03:38:12 EST 2011

> *  I experienced calm state of mind in quasi cre-leisure lying on thick carpet inside Hayward Gallery (London)
> last weekend, listening to / watching the triptych video installation (immersive and spectacular) of
> Pipilotti Rist (the piece "Lobe of the Lung," 2009, in the large exhibition  PIPILOTTI RIST: EYEBALL MASSAGE.
> for video see:  [http://ticketing.southbankcentre.co.uk/rist].
> It would take some time to evaluate the experience;  the images after a while did not emotionally
> or affectively engage me at all, perhaps the colors of the hyper-lush rotting fruits did. What annoyed
> me was the repetitive chord structure of the sound, high C, A Flat, F (downward progression and then
> repeat), a strangely creamy minor chord that seemed to lull everyone into a stupor.

Thanks, Johannes, I think it's an excellent example, cuts through to
the difference between spectacle (empty) such as endless examples of
mass-media products 'that seemed to lull everyone into a stupor', and
on the other hand - spectacularity in the art of theatre,
installation, ritual.. when at its best (charged with complex
content), that opens up consciousness and brings embodied spiritual
experiences. French filmmaker, Robert Breson, in his book 'Notes on
the Cinematographer' advices directors to 'bind form with the
content'. When there is no content, all remains is an empty shell,
however spectacular it might be?

(I've seen Rist's installation a few years ago, truly superb
technically to be fair, but ended up with the similar, a bit
irritating experience)


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