[-empyre-] "(E)MOTION FREQUENCY deceleration"

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Wed Oct 19 06:55:38 EST 2011

Hi Rod, welcome to this conversation;

[and perhaps to clarify, this month's discussion is not about dance at all, but about time and how we think we exist]

Thanks for your posting, Sérgio,

   I suspect the speeding-up of our lives, the obession with interactivity and production by means of technological devices are stoping many
people from experiencing important intelectual and aesthetic challenges and creating a generation of people addicted to to
intensity and dellusive involvement of technological environments.

could you speak a little bit more about your experience with immersive installations and sounding instruments?
are you, following the passage you cited from Deleuze, associating immersion and the 'interactive/participatory" imperative
with repression or coercion?

what role plays 'understanding',  in spectatorship?

Johannes Birringer

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