[-empyre-] "(E)MOTION FREQUENCY deceleration"

Gordana Novakovic gordana.novakovic at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 06:22:55 EST 2011

> and following Gordana's horrific post,  to what extent is control and compliance management a goal of the interactional technologies used by corporate or incorporated practice?

I'd like to respond to the Johannes' very important question.
Economists say that corporations have only one goal: eternal growth of
profit at any cost. Humanitarian, ecological....any. If there is a
customer - they will deliver a product they want. In this case - the
product would be manipulating minds, engineering collective
consciousness. I guess the more reliable the better from the point of
view of the 'client', and I am sure there will be a lot of customers
queueing for it.

Maybe it is the sophistication of contemporary technologies and
sciences that enable horrors beyond anything from the past? Or maybe
just of a different nature?

But why not look at the horrific things with eyes wide open? Think of,
for example  Goya, Hieronymus Bosch, Bunnuel, Artaud...just first came
to my mind from the very long list.

Best, Gordana

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